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Our Story

Where we started, what we have been through and where we are going!

A project..

The story behind Vsoundbox started in 2013 with Jos Kneppers, student International Business & Trade Management. Jos was looking for a special product to feature in his dissertation. He found it in a sound  box that was of high quality but also compact in size. A box that had Bluetooth and produced sound that you literally could feel.

Jos found just one company in the whole world that shared this idea with him. It was in China. He made contact with the manufacturer and sometime later, after a few adjustments were made, the product was ready for sale on the Dutch retail market. With his dissertation Jos took part in the event Young Entrepreneur. This event invests in young entrepreneurs that see a future in their business venture.

Jos's sound box gets a logo and a name: Vsoundbox. A number of Vsoundboxes were produced and sold in the local area. Demand started to increase. Jos completed his studies and was able to concentrate on the new business. The adventure with Vsoundbox was about to develop further!

Old logo Vsoundbox

"The first VSB logo was used during the school project. Not really a good advert to use a normal speaker in the logo, when actually it?s only the surface that produces the sound of a speaker that the VSB stands on it!"

Jos Kneppers

Feel the difference

Jos realises immediately that the VSB is a product that the customer needs to feel in their hands to understand what it actually does, and to feel the difference between their product and other speakers.

With a healthy no guts no glory mentality, he invests his savings in stock and builds an advertising stand to literally go to the marketplace. Its there at the market that they could demonstrate the Vsoundbox and physically show it to prospective customers. He gets immediate feedback of his product and is able to show what his business stands for: quality and honesty.

The young entrepreneur borrows a van from relatives, who then also provides him with storage space. His plan works. Soon their retail stock is sold and the demand increases. Vsoundbox is starting to become a serious business.

Vsoundbox can also be found online

With each improvement, the product  and the business progressively develops its own identity. The name Vsoundbox becomes registered as a brand. Alfred Bes designs a logo and promotional material. Step by step, an image of the product emerges that fits with that which Jos is striving for.

The promotional stand is also adapted with colours of their logo. Jos is aware that they need to keep their focus fixed to outside influences and makes grateful use of the feedback from the market customers. He uses the feedback for a market survey, enabling him to make adjustments to the Vsoundbox and the manner in which he performs the sales. Almost all the changes to the Vsoundbox are a result of good ideas from those involved in some way with the Vsoundbox.

One of the ideas was the website and Facebook page. Joris Beerepoot developed these. On the website we talk about our product, who we are, where you can find us and answer any questions. Joris ensures that visitors to our site can order our product on the website in a secure environment.

Visiting the manufacturer and international interest

Early 2015, Jos and Joris visited their manufacturer in China. They prepared their visit thoroughly, including reading articles on the working conditions in China. The young men prepared themselves for the worst and decided in advance not to get involved with those sorts of companies. Their visit turned out to be quite different to what they had been expecting. They were to be very pleasantly surprised by what they found on their trip to China. Employees in this factory have a 5 day working week, a TV, smartphone and a sufficient income.

The company in China comprises of 2 women: Lily and Polly. Both in their 30s and each with a family. With great pride they showed us around the factory where the Vsoundbox is produced. The parts are put together, both by hand and machine. The workforce are allowed to work at their own pace.

They showed how the products are tested and explained each step in the production process. Jos and Joris return home happy in the knowledge that the workers in the Chinese factory are well-treated. Once back home, the sales continue, and even spread further to customers in America, Great Britain, Germany, Dubai and Belgium. VSB is becoming an international brand with fans over the whole world.

Old logo Vsoundbox

From left to right: Joris, Polly, Mark, Lily, Jos and the factory owner.
Vsoundbox in China

The company vision of Vsoundbox

In April 2015 Joris Beerepoot joins Vsoundbox. Joris is creative in programming, internet marketing and understands how we can use the internet to promote the Vsoundbox. He manages our website and facebook page.

Close relatives with entrepreneurial experience provides us knowledge in a menthor role for to help us with further decisions. Alfred has much experience in photography, marketing and advertisement. He uses his studio for promotional material and photography, creating an image that fits with our vision.


The entrepreneurs come into contact with visual communicator Sean Fitzpatrick. Sean helps formulate a company vision and translates this to a picture. Two weeks later, a company vision has emerged that fits with the personalities in the company and their goals.

With the production of a film, whereby the Vsoundbox is visually represented, in line with our company vision, an excellent basis is formed for continuation along the established route. On every level, the same message resonates throughout the company.

The video Vsoundbox in collaboration with Sean Fitzpatrick and many volunteers have made.

Vsoundbox turns any surface into a speaker!

Vsoundbox turns any surface into a speaker!

Worldwide more than 10.000 sold in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • France
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Sweden